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I like that, too! Got a couple of books and some very nice pens, and never got started BECAUSE, my husband (not ADHD, but certainly can feed into my impulses) got into fountain pens. Ink, pens, paper!! So much fun for awhile.

And, yes, I’d love your feedback on lenses! I have a Nikon D5500, and I wanted something flexible. Sometimes I want to shoot a still life, but I also wanted to be able to take photos at horse shows (especially action shots), and I’d like to get some decent ones of our dogs. The photography store we go to, always suggests Tamron lenses, which are okay until you see a photo taken with a really good lens. I got a zoom lens 18-270, with an F/3.5-6.3. Well, you know how compromised I am by the small f-stop, and someone else told me that the range for the zoom is too much.

Someone on a photography forum recommended the Nikkor 70-200 with an f2.8 aperture, and that’s only about $2,750!!!!! I could save up for it. The crispness of the photos is beautiful, but it is a big lens. So, I was also looking at the 24-70 that also has f2.8 aperture. It would be easier to carry, but of course, I’m not going to get as close to the “action,” and that is almost $2,000.

I’m open to suggestions!