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I think this forum is more about treatment for RSD more than for validation of the diagnosis but this not about “playing the victim” or some sort of cheap definition for being a sissy. This is a documented disorder that accompanies most patient “correctly” diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. This condition goes parallel and is consequent to the many symptoms of ADD. Of these, the most important (in my professional opinion) are the freezing, mental clouding, and distractability during conversation which produce real consequences to patient trying to interact and socialize daily. Due to these experiences, patients’ bodies and brain create defense mechanisms to deal with the “dysphoria” or unbearable sensation which might not be real to the outer perspectives of others but are very real to the patient. This “dysphoria”presents with very real symptoms like, palpitations, dyaphoresis, perspiration amongs other things during encounters or just the thought of a future encounter. This is why the first line treatment are alpha adrenergics, because their target organs are specifically those that cause palpitations, diaphoresis and perspiration. Now try to picture a person whom has had ADD all his life, cannot remember a persons name the second he hears and starts having these symptoms. ADD medication does wonders for patients but those who suffer from this accompanied diagnosis have double the trouble and could all together come to conclusions that their medication are under dosed or overdosed or all together inefficient. Just like ADD medications, these medications need to be tittrated by a qualified professional for each patients individual tolerance and efficacy.