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Alish, you started a truly wonderful post, and it makes me wonder about that side of you. And, I see that you are a registered dietitian, so you wanted to do something with people. Maybe explore that a little more?

I can tell you that as I’ve gotten older, things have definitely gotten easier. When I was your age, I felt a real need to be something or do something important, especially since I didn’t have children. I was constantly disappointed because I could never reach my goals. Plus, I was never sure I knew what those were?? I went to tech college a few times, but never got any kind of degree. I couldn’t think of anything that I felt I could do or that even interested me. My mom was an RN, and I took an aptitude test that actually said that was something I lined up with. It was not at all what interested me.

So much pressure is put on young people to go to college, get a degree, and find a career. But, that doesn’t fit everyone. And, I finally realized it’s not because I was stupid or inferior. I’m not! As I’ve mentioned, I did office work, and I struggled to find ways to keep things interesting, but I was always limited because I didn’t have a degree!

Well now that I’m more or less “retired,” I’ve found that I have a better idea of what actually interests me versus what looks like fun. I know that I’m not willing to spend too much time on something that takes a lot of set-up. I don’t like all that prep work that something like sewing requires (even though I wish I could make my own clothes). I don’t like getting into something and then having to clean up a big mess as soon as I’m done for the day (I have a room for art projects). I like people, but I’m not a joiner, and I’m not driving for an hour in the evening to go to a class. So, I get a lot of information online or from the library.

That’s probably not very helpful, but I think you’ll keep getting to know yourself better. Learn to notice the things that make you happiest, even if you end up being attracted to something else. I’ve gotten better at trusting my instincts, and knowing my limits. But it’s still challenging! Do I spend the money to upgrade my camera lens again??!!