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I just want to say thank you to everyone here that has shared their story and given hope and inspiration to all of us struggling. I was expecting to come here and hear everyone talking about medications that help etc. It’s very refreshing to hear people talk about how they’re coping with it and learning how to be successful despite of it. It makes me feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one going through the struggle without meds. So really, thank you all for your encouragement! By the way, I’ve struggled with it my whole life never knowing I had it until now. I always felt stupid even though I knew I wasn’t… I dropped out of high school when things got to tough/overwhelming then went back and got my GED but never went to college due to fear of failing. I bounced around from stupid job to stupid job for years always trying my best but never feeling good enough. Every time I landed a “Good job” I would ruin it because I couldn’t pay attention long enough to learn everything I needed to. I learned jobs that require constant movement with little thought were the only ones I could excel at but could never move up in because of my lack of concentration. Most of those jobs don’t pay well and there’s no future in them but I got lucky, I finally found my home at the post office. I love what I do, I’m really good at it and it pays well! Don’t give up on yourself and find your stregths! I’m a very hard worker with excellent people skills and a lot of passion and finally found a company that appreciates me. I can now provide for myself and my family and it feels Great! Best of luck to you all!