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That is a good attitude! I love all the ideas of how not to spend money on it before diving in. I love decorating, painting, refurbishing/painting furniture, makeup artistry and so on…..the makeup artistry is where I spend too much. I love being creative and helping people feel good. I have moms I do makeup and people asking me to all the time, but the business side is too frustrating and I stopped with the classes because I was scared I would spend too much on them and not finish. I feel like I can’t trust myself with anything that costs money. I spent so many years being a Registed Dietitian and hated it. My kids will be in school full time in two years and I don’t want to stay home. I did sale a bunch on line for the money on a class but the supplies add up quick. So it is frustrating to love it so much then lose interest. But I think what you are saying Anne about when it gets to the boring parts you lose interest. I think that’s what’s happening to me and it feels like pulling teeth figuring it out.

It’s funny because when I was younger I would rock climb, scuba dive and then one day I decided I wanted to be a pilot (out of no where, lol) so I went to a small airport and talked about classes but you need a plane, lol. They took me up in a small plane that day for fun after talking to them. It is pretty hilarious how our minds can jump in one day to be all excited about something! Just like one of you said about quilting and then got home and wasn’t interested anymore. Made me laugh, because I obviously relate! My interests can be so extremely different too, haha! I love that about all of us but it is difficult when it comes to money sometimes and impulsivity. I will definitely be thinking about all my options and ideas I’ve been given from you all before jumping in to anything.

Also, the lawyer who’s wife says: what is it this time? How much? Time? Ect is exactly my husband as well. Also made me laugh because I understand this. If anything it is nice to see how many people relate.