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Dear Alishad002 and Everyone,
47 year old woman, mom of 2 boys – all 3 of us with AdD…ultra focused on a hobby or task for a week or months then crash! DONE with it. All the time. I don’t spend much money on my hobbies though. I’m very cautious because I know this is how I am. Many years ago a 70 year old woman had taken a class to make snow shoes. I said to her “wow, that is a neat class to take!” She told me “most people have one hobby. a long time ago I decided my hobby was trying all different hobbies!” I was 22 years old when she told me that. I thought that was such a great way to live! Always try new things! Why not? Don’t punish yourself. Accept it. Borrow tools or take a class to save money. Be careful about “going all in” so you don’t have a garage full of “regret” – keep your hobbies as positive experiences! Love each new adventure. Rent a kayak, take a cake decorating class, a painting class, learn a language online, watch YouTube videos for awhile…maybe it’s not for you…maybe the IDEA is more exciting?! Have fun. Your mind is full of ideas…set them free!