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I actually read really well. i can read aloud easily and follow along…sort of. but remembering what the hell i read is a no go. literally 20 minutes later i don’t remember much. and often i miss details and that really messes me up. then i have to go chapters back to find the detail i missed. and anything with multiple characters drives me nuts. i can’t keep track of more than like two or three main characters. i have never watched any of the star wars flicks haha, just to many damn people and details to keep track of.

taniabiddle, yeah i hated social studies and history too. and math was a really bad subject for me. i still too this day can’t do algebra. it literally looks like jibberish to me. i read an article online that called adhd people the “great imposters” haha. i totally agree, i have been lying my way through life. i could land a plane if someone showed me how. i just sort of adapt and keep rolling. jack of all trades master of none.

i’m getting a bit impatient waiting to get seen and tested. by they time i see this therapist i’m gonna explode with details haha. she will need a couple fresh pens to write it all down 🙂