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Talk about resonating. I am 29 years old and for most of my life I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been medicated, however I still struggle with focus. Ugh, the depression makes it worse. Thankfully I am now in college while having gotten my GED back in 2016. Still though I am incredibly lonely and angry too, it sucks. And it doesn’t help that my mother abandoned my family during my senior year of high school which was crap enough before she did that. It just… feels like I need more time to talk than anyone has the patience or time to deal with. And then people are upset when I game or talk online. What am I supposed to do? I gotta deal with this crap somehow. And being in college with a bunch of people who just got out of high school does not help either. I want to make things better between me my dad and my stepmom but I keep screwing it up with buying things they tell me not to buy, putting my stressfulness before the stuff they want me to do, ect. It just gets worse and worse, and by the time I get to deal with the stress the day is almost over. So trust me I totally get where you’re coming from. I feel alone myself, even though mom and dad are here with me. In college, in church, its the same, I feel nobody understands. I can hide it, but then the things I do to hide it get taken away. Noone gets me, my friends dont, nobody does. Its absolute day to day torture. Mom thinks I’m just making excuses but she’s wrong, its not excuses.