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Just to add one more, so to say. I do have lots of interests. I have learned to corral them down to a set that I really care about. When new ideas come in I entertain them, without spending much money, and see how it goes. Usually it falls off. My current new one is drawing. I really do like to doodle. Now I’m trying to add color. Rather than spend lots of money on brushes and stuff I just went and bought a $7 set of markers and some blank note cards. We’ll see.

It’s interesting that many people here seem to have similar interests. Things that look pretty seem to be one of them. Art, photography, landscape design, interior design. I also like cooking. Scouting and writing software round it out for me. That seems to be enough.

Somewhere I read something that talked about getting into a groove. I guess that’s hyper focus. It requires both a challenge and the ability to see the goal. So, if I can see the fish pond with the rock water fall and the oriental trees around it in my mind, and its a big challenge, then I’ll dive in and build it. If I see the picture of the lit bridge at night over a river, but don’t quite know the right angle, zoom, etc, then I’ll bury myself in walking all over a city to get just the right photo.

The problem with all this is hyper focus is the only time I feel satisfied. The rest is just jumping around. This would be fine except that given the challenge that drives the hyper focus I have to push to achieve the goal. It’s so tiring. Every once in a while I’ll be wandering through the woods. Not a care in the world. Just soaking it all up. There is no goal. Nothing that has to be done. Peaceful. After years and years of trying new things I wonder if all I’m really doing is looking or something that will bring me that peace.

Well, this has been a jumpy post, and on any other forum I’d try and fix it. But on this forum I don’t mind just letting me be me. 🙂