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alishad002 – I am new here and came across this page while researching info for a family member. I have never considered the fact that I may have ADD, and yet the more I read, the more I resonate with so much of what is being said. Ironically, I have struggled with exactly your frustration for a long time – possibly my entire life. I am currently 51 and spent 20 years as a stay at home Mom. Prior to that I was a CPA in a fast paced environment. Over the years I have held many volunteer positions. I often felt scattered and all over the place, and yet would hyper focus when I needed to. I often became bored very quickly in the volunteer positions I took on, and then the position became a chore. I don’t know if this helps, but I recently have been thinking that what I need is a job that is methodical and structured, but different each day too. Something that is the same, yet changes frequently as well. Something that ends with each day and starts anew again the next day. Something that doesn’t require long term follow up. I keep coming back to things like retail, customer service, the news industry, travel and tourism, perhaps even something medically related in a hospital or out patient surgery center. Something where the job entails helping people for a short time, making their day, and then moving on. A job that doesn’t require long term follow up or 6 month long projects. I am not sure if you have flexibility in your schedule, or the ability to work outside the home, but I recently went back to work part time and I think it would have been quite beneficial to me and my family to have done this many years ago. Good luck to you! You are not alone. As I read and learn more about ADD, especially in adults, it seems a big part of the picture is accepting that we may have to see ourselves differently than we have all these years, and that it’s ok. I am new to this journey – but I certainly wish I knew this earlier!!