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Me too. And I love reading about all kinds of things, thinking there’s something I might want to do, and then realizing probably not. The world is full of possibilities, and that in itself can be pretty overwhelming for us. Everyone is a little different in how they react. Some people are all in, trying everything. Others do a lot of rotating (like me) and are more limited in number of interests, but end up buying all kinds of stuff.

The worst part is we are all so self judgmental! Who gets to say what’s right for you? I bet you know about a lot of different things. I’m in a history group on Facebook, and some of the people there really know a lot about specific times in history. Not me! But, I love reading or better yet, listening to a good audio book or podcast about history.

I bet there are some things that interest you more than others. Maybe find a group on Facebook (I normally don’t recommend it). I have an account, but I’ve limited it to a few groups I enjoy. No individual “friends” or family!!! And I don’t post anything personal for the world to see!