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I Love This Thread!!
I have so enjoyed reading everyones comments, stories and such…because I can so relate to nearly all!! I am 42 and a lifetime ADHD’er misdiagnosed in the early 80’s because yeah, ADHD wasn’t all that well known then (Not in my little rural county) But dx now I totally understand all the “Great Ideas!” I always had over the years…the in-depth “Interests” all the new hobbies, careers and then my friends and family would call them my new obsessions!! Oh Wendy is obsessing over something new, watch out! LOL Yes, it’s all clear now and totally OKAY!! I have enjoyed all of my different “obsessions” In fact, I am just finishing one now. I Had a friend who claimed her husband was a narcissist. Well, I didn’t know that much to give any advice so I Googled it….from that moment forward I saw that SHE was the narcissist and it was ON! Haha 3 weeks of in-depth, fill-my-brain internet sessions for hours, videos, articles then I even wrote a “Profile” of this lady!! I discovered several of my own family members who could fall in this catagory and now I can better deal with them from my understanding. I enjoyed all of it and now I’m ready for the next best thing!!!
So yes, I get what you mean about making sure this is something that you would be consistent with…truly don’t want to waste money on something that may not last. I personally have to pray and ask for I hope you figure things out and wish you all the best!