Reply To: New to Thinking About Symptoms


Hi Jennie or Lily – apologies was unsure of your name.

I wish you well with your university assessment. I may not be the best person to interview as I don’t have a formal diagnosis, and I have heard that in the UK for people of my age (over 50) that professionals are reluctant to give a formal diagnosis, and my rather recognise traits that are symptomatic instead. I actually prefer this rather than have a label as we are all so different, so a trait/symptom I have other people may not have.
I am still waiting for my psychiatrist appointment; there is a long delay within the UK service due to the demand placed upon it. I am looking into using my partner’s private health care arrangement which I should be able to access.
In the meantime, I am prescribed mirtazepine, an antidepressant, which although I am unsure that it’s working for me as an antidepressant, does ensure I have a good nights’ sleep and slows me down during the day, which seems to allow me headspace as well. I’m unsure about these effects, maybe uncomfortable with them, or maybe just not used to being slower and more paced.
I’m also exploring supplements, with care as I know the potential for mis-use and playing with something that I have limited confidence with and limited intelligence. I am doing this through a site called Self Hacked. There is a mine of information on this site. I am for example currently trying DL-phenylalanine first thing in the morning and I believe I am noticing a benefit beyond any placebo. I am also carefully trialling a range of other supplements, and will continue that experimentation.
Apologies, I have gone on a bit here. What I am really wanting to show is there may be alternatives out there other than a medically prescribed medication or, in my case, perhaps a combination of a prescription and supplements.