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I am SO glad to find out that I’m not alone in this. I’ve dealt with this frustration for at least a few decades, and it still pesters me to this day. I would loathe finding out how much time, energy, passion, and money I’ve poured into hobbies and interests that have faded. Being a hoarder, too, I cannot part with things so easily, so I always have those things lingering in a closet, drawer, etc…waiting for my return. The only things which I’ve stuck with for a good long while are writing and astrophotography. Sometimes the weather can affect my muse or opportunity for either one, but they are pretty constant. Music is a close runner-up, but I don’t give it the time I used to. At least I’m pleased that I’ve been able to be productive and have something to show for in these three areas. The hobbies that have more or less fallen by the wayside are painting, Dungeons & Dragons, magic tricks, fishing, archery, and a few others. Still, occasionally I’ll dabble at those things.

All in all, I believe I’m finally calming down a little, but I still wonder if I should discuss these things with my doctor. Also, I’m very curious if medications help with this issue just as much as staying focused and whatnot. Anyone know for sure?