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What a great thread! I too have rotating interests and find this works for me. I cycle between making DJ mixes on my PC, to photography, and then to woodwork or making & fixing things. I sometimes won’t have the.motivation to do one of them and I can tend to get frustrated, but I have learned that I only really do well when the energy surges!

If I am at home and wanting to do something, it generally has to be when there is some motivation but I find putting upbeat music on really helps me get moving.
My wife has learned that if a surge of motivation hits me to just let me get on with it, as I can get loads more done, even if it is an odd time!

I find phone based customer service is a reasonable job for me, as there is structure and change at the same time, as no two calls are the same. I view ADHD as a type of “super power in this environment, as I think up things to say and ways to explain stuff that some ‘here’s mortals couldn’t do in a month of Sundays! Sometimes i wish i was more consistent, yes, but im learning more ans.more to play to my strengths. This is something my therapist advised that a lot of her ADHD people end up doing quite successfully!

My photography has earned very little income, but attracts interest and I enjoy it above all! I have recently conquered my fear of chess and found an app for teaching kids that I could understand, and now I’m loving it! My six year old is very keen to play with me too (he’s incredibly hyper!).

We’re all pretty much cut from the same cloth on here though it seems, aren’t we?!

Take a few breaths and learn to accept that this is who God made you to be!