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I’m a special Ed Teacher and I have adult ADD. I sympathize with you. Good idea to get him an individual para. That would have been my first suggestion. You said it was working out with the first para. I would make an appt with principal teacher etc. I would explain the situation and ask if it’s possible they can switch Paras back and give him the first para since he was making some progress. The Union has NOTHING to do with that decision. Lies like that give the union a bad name. The principal makes that decision NOT a union. What may have happened is the para mane wanted to switch and didn’t want you to know it was her choice. I’ve seen this happen many times. sIs he in special education? Maybe he needs a smaller class size in addition to an individual para. I would talk to the person in charge of special Ed at his school. Maybe ask school psychologist to re evaluate him. Also ask if they think a district 75 school maybe a better learning environment for him.