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Yes! Yes! Yes! How refreshing to not feel alone with my frustrations and impatience over, what to me, appears to be absolute stupidity. I have suspected that my ADHD plays a role in my reactions to how others drive, walk, talk, and basically have their being in relation to the rest of the world. So many of these issues have been mentioned: drivers hitting the brake when approaching a green light, going through when it turns yellow (as if they were waiting for this), and me having to wait at the now-red light; people who have been driving for decades arriving at an intersection with befuddled wonderment–as if seeing an intersection for the first time in their lives; drivers mindlessly hogging the left-hand lane of a multi-lane highway, defeating the very logic behind why we build multi-lane highways…the list goes on ad nauseam.

Is this all really due to my ADHD? I suppose my personal reaction is deeply rooted in ADHD, but I also suspect many people are not thinking, not considerate of others, and are lost in their private worlds. I’ve come to realize that most people living with an ADHD mind process multiple pieces of information simultaneously with lighting speed, while the majority of neurotypicals ponder each piece of incoming information at a glacial pace. Running late never helps me, so I’ve been working hard at thinking in terms of leaving time, rather than the time I must arrive at my appointment (which somehow in my mind means I only need to leave slightly before I must arrive). If I can be ready before leaving time, and if I can leave early enough to allow for all these maddening delays, I find I deal with them better. I still struggle with internal impatience, frustration, and anger, but I manage all of that better when I know I have plenty of time to get to where I’m going.

Since the only experience and mind I have known is my own, I do find trying to understand what it’s like to be neurotypical a difficult task. To be fair, I’m guessing neurotypicals struggle to understand the ADHD mind and experience. What I don’t understand is how people who process limited amounts of information so slowly are able to accomplish so much. Is the only difference that they do not procrastinate and get distracted?