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Oh man do I know what you mean! So many hobbies and skills, not enough time, money, or continued motivation! And why is it that most hobbies end up costing so much?
I started out doing decorated cakes, then gardening which turned to canning, making my own soaps and lotions, and all the essential oils to go with… scrapbooking, card making, beading and jewelry, sewing, cross-stitch, quilting… then we bought a house and I inherited my grandpas jigsaw and table saw, and all of my grandmas acrylic paints and stencils. Now with my own crafty kids we have rainbow loom, perler beads, knitting, and of course all the cool new coloring books (and at least 100+ colored pencils to go with).

MY family understands. Both my mother and grandmother have their own craft/sewing rooms. My husband tries to understand, but his family seems to have no hobbies. His mom takes pictures…puts them straight into a basic photo album-I would feel the need for an elaborate scrapbook page for each set of photos!

This all causes a couple of problems:
1.the appearance of being flighty, unable to stick to a hobby
2.the ability to do something from scratch vs buying it (takes extra time)
3.all the supplies (forget the $, how do I keep it organized!?!)
4.the time required when you hyperfocus on a hobby (and the on lookers that swear you can’t have ADHD w/ that kind of focus)
5.trying to stay on track w/ boring every day chores, when there’s 20 potential projects from 8 different hobbies- just staring you in the face! -Building an enclosure for the grill, out of the old fence panels you just replaced… seems so much more interesting than washing the mountain of laundry or sink full of dishes.

One thing that has worked well a few times for me is trading my talents for housework. I gave my mother in law a few “gift certificates” for hours spent working on her Honey-Do list (that he never does). She was thrilled, and offered to wash and fold all 9 loads of laundry that I had to do.
I also agree w/ the previous comment about doing your hobbies “in season”. I TRY not to spend all of February on my iPad “planning” my garden. I TRY to use rainy days to fold laundry in front of Netflix. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I end up sanding down a table in the living room (cause it’s too cold outside). Luckily my DH seems to be ok with whatever gets done at the end of the day.

It’s hard to remember that we are valuable members of society, but we are… and we have to keep that in the front of our minds. What you have to offer is worth it, even if it’s completly different from what you offer tomorrow!

Check out the book Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. All about being a modern day renaissance person and how to make it work for you in a world that wants people to excel in just once area.