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Thanks for posting alishad002.

Sounds very familiar to me and I see it as just part of having an “interest based nervous system” AKA ADHD. When it gets boring, we stop and find something more interesting.

I wish I had a “solution” or “fix”, but of course it iss always just a work in progress.

I subscribe to using my ADD to my advantage rather than trying to not be ADHD, and improving “deficits” only when essential. In the right context, an ADD brain works wonders. What tends to work well for me is:

1) Having a job that requires and/or has the potential for new learning and new areas of interest. I am a clinical psychologist. I find everyone’s story is different and throughout my career I have always been finding a new techniques, approaches, client groups etc. where I can learn more. If you manage to keep the interest levels high and content varying frequently that “all in” mentality that comes with ADHD can be super useful.

2) Rotate the same hobbies; pick up A for a while, then B, focus on C then return to A. As long as it is a hobby where you don’t lose much by having a gap seems to work ok. Exercise doesn’t really fit this as you tend to de-condition, so I tend to go for types of exercise where I can read up a lot, practice technique i.e. is challenging, and swap between different types of exercise e.g. Olympic lifting, then gymnastics, then soccer skills.

3) Finding others with the same interest and intensity. I find if I meet others with my intensity and obsessiveness we help keep each other charged and I am less likely to burn them out, as with less intense individuals.

I’m working on not starting another interest/project (and buying all the gear), before starting the next, but temptation is getting the better of me more often than not.