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haha i drive for a living, on the road ALL day. My patience varies between buying a tank and plowing through traffic and casually screaming at the windshield. I read an article that ADHD folks are more likely to have accidents….ya know lack of focus and all. But i love driving and don’t struggle at all. In the last month alone I have seen a few people face timing. One women snapped her phone into a dock on the dash. I’m thinking o/k maybe navigation….nope. She literally fires up youtube and starts watching vids while driving haha. Couples having an all out end the world fight while driving. Mini vans full of kids while mom is checking her instagram cruising along at 45. I daily drive a 300+ horsepower sports car. And these folks can’t get the old corolla to work without a ten car pileup.

And the people that walk in front of you at the store without saying “excuse me”……i just about go nuclear. I usually quit loudly say EXCUSE YOU. The death glare is totally worth it. And the one’s who don’t bother to watch there kids. I saw two boys banging shopping carts into each other. Literally having a shopping cart demo derby in the store. And it’s a new thing to take your kid to the store and make him shop? Literally these parents are on the phone slurping a starbucks making there 6 year old fetch things.

I might be switching jobs soon, back to a desk. Thank jebus cause I just about can’t stand driving anymore.