Reply To: ADHD meds and athletic performance


I created an account just to reply to this post. My young son is a great athlete and has been on Ritalin since kindergarten. It really does effect his play. We don’t usually give him medicine on weekends just for a break but when we do occasionally and he has a sporting event I think the calming focusing appears to slow him down. He’s not old enough to give an accurate assessment if I asked him.

I was recently diagnosed as an adult just skimmed over it forever with the symptoms always there. I do remember that sports was always a great way for me to focus and clear my head without medicine because it was the only time distractability and restlessness was gone. Now as an adult taking Ritalin I do see in myself that I don’t feel the “need” to workout as often as I used to. Before I would go to the gym just to clear my head and it would help with some of the cloudiness. Point being it appears to slow me down as well, at least from an athletic desire perspective but I’m not sure specifically as to performance.

Long non answer but figured it was some relevant feedback to help guide your decision.