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I LOVE this post! I remember saying to a therapist that I was always frustrated because I had so many interests. Her response: what’s wrong with that? Nothing, except I feel as though I’m only semi good at a lot of different things. I never feel as though I’m truly outstanding, but I do catch on pretty quickly, reach a point where I’ve somewhat mastered it, but have trouble staying interested in the continued practice it takes to be really accomplished.

I’ve always been artistic, although I don’t think I’m particularly creative. (I envy that!) I drew a lot when I was growing up, and thought I wanted to have an artistic career. So, I started a 2-year program in my 20s and soon realized I didn’t have the self-discipline or stick to-itiveness. Plus, realistically speaking, there are LOTS of talented artists who can’t find work that pays enough to make a living.

So, I did office work, and mostly was bored. I never lasted much more than a year at any job. Thank goodness I discovered temp work, which I enjoyed because I could go somewhere new, work for a week or two, and leave!

I thought photography might be my thing! My wonderful husband was and is very supportive, so I was thrilled to get my first digital SLR. That was a lot of fun for awhile, but gradually I got tired of hauling a camera around and realizing that to get really good photos meant ALWAYS having a camera handy AND getting up at dawn (or earlier) for the best light!

I wanted a horse from the first time I saw one. I had no shame and made “friends” with anyone who had one. My parents finally let me have my own when I was 12. We were fortunate to have a fair amount of land, so I had places to ride. I loved my horses, but I was pretty much on my own. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, so I made mistakes, didn’t have much access to help, and once I got into high school, I gradually lost interest. HOWEVER, my husband (when I was 40) thought taking riding lessons might be a fun “couple” thing! We’ve now had horses for over 20 years. I tried showing (reining) and talk about an expensive hobby!!! But, I hung in there for quite a long time, despite being uncomfortable and not really enjoying it. I now play around with dressage, and I do love it, but realize I’m never going to be someone who loves showing. But, who cares. It took me awhile to reach that point, too.

I took some private art lessons from a woman almost 10 years ago, so I could learn how to paint. I started out with colored pencil (I have A LOT of them), have tried watercolors, but am enjoying acrylic painting right now. I still take classes with her, off and on.

So, I’ll be 66 this year, and I get that I need a lot of variety. It no longer bothers me. I’m fortunate to be able to take my horse to a woman who trains and loves showing dressage. SHE can show, and I get the fun of watching her show him, while I take a few lessons, practice riding dressage, and then enjoy trail riding. I love watching her show my horse; it’s not my thing.

I got my camera back out again because I’d like to learn to take better photos for reference material. (I think I need a different lens!) I’m never going to be a great photographer, but I can have fun, and I have gotten some really nice photos.

So far, painting is a challenge and fun. I often end up taking a break over summer (horses), but going back to it over the winter months. I’m pretty good, too! But, it’s a hobby and there’s no pressure from anyone other than myself.

I’ve finally started to realize that lots of things interest me, but I’ve reached a point where I’ve figured out my limits. Recently I was tempted to buy a database app for my computer for ONE thing I wanted to create. It was about $60 (not bad for a good database), but I finally paid $8 for one for my iPad (an upgrade).

I know money can be an issue, and it’s especially important to consider when you’re young and raising a family. Plus, you don’t want your spouse to feel overwhelmed! So, how can you try lots of things on a smaller scale? Whatever you do, don’t be down on yourself because this is a big part of ADHD, and I bet you are very interesting because you are so interested!

Maybe you should do another post and ask people for ideas.