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A recent survey of my friends and aquaintances was an eyeopener. After 10 surveyed I gave up. No one else uses their car horn at least once on average during a trip (includes trips to the hearby store). I do, in fact driving home from work during rush hour produces numerous opportunities ney necessities to use it.
Since discovering my “Gift” for life I have taken a few moments to wonder if it is due to my need to rush cuz I am always running late. It goes well beyond horn honking if It is perceived intentional (RSD) rage. Thankfully i have not used my vehicle yet as a means of getting even but ….the grocery cart has accidentally run up the achilles of more than one person in front of me as I dart for an opening. Yes I am almost always in a hurry.
One place where i have come to expect delays is the Doctors and Dentists waiting room. Accident prone to a fault and full of defective parts now that i am 73 this is probably a good thing. I have an old but wonderful Electronic Solitaire game I take with me if i remember and can find it. It can kill countless hours of diversion enjoyably. I also am a talker ….go figure… and can ask dozens of questions of others i am trapped with. The game usually involves establishing some connection in the fewest guestions. The supermarket and the Boulevard are an entirely different medium. Aa story below as to when it can have devastating results.

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