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Token economies always backfire with DD (unless the odd occasion when SHE comes up with the plan and has a specific goal to work toward). They drive her anxiety higher. For her it is easier to know for sure she won’t be getting whatever it is than it is to sit and worry about it all day, so she self-sabotages.

We have tried counseling for DD on three separate occasions with little to no success. The first time she was 6 and just too young to really let the CBT stuff sink in. The next time was a “structured discipline” approach that just wreaked havoc. The last time was supposed to be CBT and self awareness/self soothing techniques, and halfway through they wanted to change to a structured discipline technique (PCIT, which is for kids 6 and under and she was 8.5), and I just said no and discontinued therapy. If they can’t support me and what I have learned about DD then I am done at this point.