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Oh my I relate so much. One of my biggest struggles is connecting with others. Those I love, and I always felt guilt. It’s getting much better with my new med, I’m told I’m a better listener. Before, it was like no human contact was “enough”. Not enough to stimulate my brain so it would wander. I almost got “bored” with people. One thing that helped me was active listening. Almost parroting what they say back, has shown them that I listen too. I’m not perfect at it, and some days I still struggle a lot..switching to Adderall XR helps, slows my brain down more so I comprehend. I personally still struggle with eye contact. It’s almost piercing and painful to look people in the eye, I feel like I do it wrong so I just look over. My therapist is helping me too. Going back to my job after maternity leave has helped, I’m a computer programmer so it gives me an outlet. I’ve always come off “wrong” to people, especially before my diagnosis. I also can’t sit still long enough to hold a convo too. But sometimes my tone is misinterpreted, and the biggest coming off as a maladjusted, irresponsible adult. Little trucks like reminders for bills, and for every little thing lol no matter how small. Lists, and just when I get overwhelmed with chores, I start super small. Just say only five min and then I can see, and usually I go longer, even if I don’t, 5 minutes is better than zero minutes after all:) I hope this may help!