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maybe the issue is your “living and breathing” your job. your not getting away from it. if you work from home, your work is literally in the other room. unlike a job where you leave at the end of the day and decompress. does your new college know about your adhd? some will work with you. i know my local community college will work with adhd patients. can you code on the run? maybe right psuedo code as ideas come to you. or just jot them down. point is get away for a bit.
I am right there with ya. i work full time and just started back to college (computer science). i feel like im tap dancing on thin ice already haha. overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe it. i get away often though, i have work outside the home so that keeps my mind busy. then school is nights and weekends. and i take breaks often, watch movies go out to eat. just have that down time, otherwise i burn out in a few days and my attitude sucks. i literally say f*ck it and stop working. the old brain shuts down and im “done”. think i have threatened to drop out like 20 times already lol.