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Hi this is my first time on a website. I am in tears. I am trying not to lose my job that I have been on since 2013! A record…i usually end up fired or I am smart enough to leave before I get fired. I was dx in 2012 with narcolepsy. Dxd in 2005 with ADHD in graduate school. I hit the brick “wall” as I called it: low focus, low concentration, not able to complete assignments or it taking and extremely long time to do simple tasks. I was on Ritalin 3x a day for years and WD sx were murder on family and friends. Migraine increased, muscle cramps, and I bet it. But really felt like kicking a serious drug. Using NAC and detox regularly. I cant finish my project. I am dont know why!! I took my meds, i sleep 8 hours, i drink coffee, i take Jet alert! And 3 hours on a single thing on my to do list. I try to figure out…am I OCD? But I procrastinate and quit. I want to quit now!!
I am so much smarter than this but I look incapable and relationships suffer just had a long talk with my boyfriend who can’t see my strengths. Why? I cut him off when he talks, i don’t finish tasks, leave chores half done, leave work late, i have too much in my plate, i over commit. I really love him but I really feel like I am just too much too handle. This is too much for me to handle. Not married, no kids, and 37 y.o. i am scared to ho back on stimulants but At least i was better at my job and maybe in relationships if I did not stop taking them on the weekends. I am on Nuvil 250mg it is not working and I keep telling my doctor…i take everyday no skipping…I can’t!! Please any advice you have is much apprechiated. Thank you. (Still crying)