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After reading these posts I thought that I would leave you guys and gals with some information. It has been discovered that ADD/ADHD is linked to thyroid disorders. With that said, all of the ADHD medication the world will not provide you with an “authentic” relief of your (hypothyroid) symptoms. I am one of those people with the thyroid disorder, and let me tell you that even after much success with stimulant medications, I still feel less than normal. It is imperative to have normal thyroid levels. Without it, you will still be inattentive. You might feel attentive (better than without the medicine), but that is because of the drug. Meanwhile, other things will continue to take place inside your body that are all working in the other direction. It simply feels like a false sense of “normal” (medicated), if you know what I mean. So, research this, and maybe get your thyroid checked, especially if you are lethargic and inattentive (and getting a bit older). Just some food for thought.