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Sorry, read wrong, maybe my medicine started working now. It takes you longer to understand what is going on, I thought, “longer now than before”, but it is “longer than others”. Therefore, I wrote sbout your recent difficulties. Well, you may become stressed out, so read it anyway. Now my advise is to really “keep it simple, stupid” at work. People not only lack understanding and appreciation if your overboard analyses, they most probably hate you for it, shake their heads and smile a bit. Hate your excuses, the time you take telling the excuses etc. Never tell them which interesting thought caused you to be scattered! There is a funny youtube video with a horrible woman at work, a short sketch about ADHD. Oh, I am so embarrassed with myself and angry over having destroyed a good career. Yes, you may have few bosses or colleagues who see and appreciate your brilliance, but if you work with many people, some generel negative sentiment may prevail, especislly if they have to think back after some years in a rehiring situation. Deadlines! F… your good ideas.