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Wauw, sounds much like me. Congrats on having managed to get into consultancy work and the self insight. Sorry, cannot help, but your recent difficulties sounds to me like stress/beginning burnout. With consultncy, can you work less? I would like to hear later how you manage. Well, I think forcing yourself to exercise instead of tv/ internet would be a good advise…. I know that from reading about it and occassional experiences of myself how a walk by the beach, cycling trip etc made me feel better. I truly know the need for TV or games like solitaire, minesweeper to unstress. Stress can become very bad. Just heard of a busy, high achieving mom, who was sent out to cut wood in a forest on a daily basis ( slept at home ) for 6 months by an Occupational Medicine Clinic. I was surprised that they really seem to know how severe it is. I just stopped working because I knew 14 days sick leave would do nothing for me. If you get better, I think your self insight will help you deal better with work. Do you work in open plan office with noise? I really think that has been a problem for me, without realising it, another reason to stay late at work, when it finally gets quiet, one can actually begin to focus! Well, I really think the exercise thing may be worth trying, something to drain the body, maybe complicated at the same time, so your brain is forced to think on that, and causing sore muscles and better sleep. Focus on getting yourself healthy, rather than making this extremely perfect analysis… which they don’t understand or appreciate anyway. Get a more egoistic feeling, do you understand? Think “ I am only in it for me”