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Thanks for starting this thread alishad002, I can relate to this driving need for change so very, very much. In fact when I was a kid my Mom used to call me her Little Butterfly (with a tone of exasperation) as I used to flit from one interest & topic to the next. As you so rightly say though, it can make a mess of finances, careers etc.

I’ve found career-wise I’ve done best, & enjoyed most, those areas and jobs that have had change built into them, e.g., they are project based or are in an industry that changes a lot like IT. That way there’s always something new to think about and do.

I think it’s also worth considering reframing the whole ‘change isn’t a good thing’ issue, i.e. could there be benefits, or is this always a problem?

As SCEmily points out, there are often skills built up which can be transferred, i.e., possible benefits. And I have to agree with humblepiesam, this is just the way some people are wired. It’s just that it seems that most people seem to be wired to be β€˜steady, stay the course’ and us ADHDers are in the minority and more likely to be heading off in another direction.

Or lots of other directions πŸ™‚