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Thanks for the reply. The tics started way before he started on meds. He was diagnosed with ADHD by CHOP last summer and we decided to start with neurofeedback before we went straight to meds. The neurofeedback has taken care of most of the tics but at this point wears off after a few days. He has only been on meds for 2 months but has been doing neurofeedback for about 6 months. We think this is either an anxiety issue along with his ADHD, OCD, or SPD. He is doing ok on vyvanse but still having issues paying attention in a large group along with showing signs of anxiety. His therapist for neurofeedback can’t even focus on his attention most of the time because he is anxious. At this point he just says he is nervous and doesn’t know why.

CHOP has plenty of ADHD specialists but I was wondering if it mattered seeing a psychiatrist or a neurologist. We’ve seen about 4 different psychologists at this point.

The problem with school is that academically he is right on pace. It just takes him a while to grasp concepts because of his attention. He needs someone right on top of him explaining things a few times. He gets longer times to take tests, a cushy seat pad, he goes to a reading specialist and math specialist for extra one on one time. His teacher is great and spends a lot of time and effort finding ways to keep him engaged. Now kids are beginning to notice he needs to be reminded a few times, forgets to pack his back, leaves homework on his desk, etc. That is starting to bother him which of course fuels his anxiety.