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Hi Vince82

I’m sorry your going through this I know you want the best for son my advice to you would be to first take him to a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD not the pediatrician I’m sure they mean well but this area is not his expertise and remember doctors from different disciplines have a different take on giving children medications. The tics are definitely a side affect from the medication he is taking and you will have to try different ones until you find the one that best fits like a puzzle piece which a trial an error. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD the combined type when she was 11 and I understand what your going through

As far as the school is concerned they will never tell you what your son needs you have to fight for it starting with keeping a notebook of all of his report cards and watch how his academics are being affected once you have evidence that it’s affecting him either behavioraly then ask for a PPT in writing and bring your evidence with you to support why you want him to be tested and make sure you email your concerns that’s your paper trail. Also check with your department education online about parents rights

Also check they have tons of resources
Hope this helps good luck