Reply To: ADHD meds and athletic performance


Just maybe not worth it though because ADHD meds are almost always going to zap appetite, almost always make sleep harder, and likely will raise anxiety if given in excess dosages as well as exacerbate fatigue from sports (as is usually the case). Life is horrible and I’m not trying to be a jerk to you at all I PROMISE but I’m so thankful I wasn’t on ADHD meds after 7 years in cross country, 3 in soccer, 1 in basketball, 2 in baseball. The meds do not function well for me and many others when done with intense exercise sports (that high schools tend to push for and promote with all the record-setting and nonsense). It’s the child’s call, but if nothing else aim LOW DOSE i’m telling you LOW DOSE is the bomb with these meds. Too little I get it can be unreasonable but too high is not worth it if you can avoid it! I have to take high dose, but I’m not a fan and I prefer low-dose even though it doesn’t help nearly as much. Best wishes to you and your high schooler.

P.S. watch for low testosterone, lipid imbalances, hypertension, growth over set periods of time and monitor caloric intake+sleeping. will go far in ADHD treatment.