Reply To: ADHD med depression


I’m sorry for my lack of specificity on some of those points. I was super tired yesterday. I have tried Adderall tablets yeah 10-20 mg a day, but found it to be so potent with me while I was on Viibryd 40 mg that I was unable to tolerate the Adderall. Viibryd decreased to 20 mg and then really did not tolerate Adderall well and felt psychotic with the lessened Viibryd and Adderall, so went to Straterra. Straterra made me have super bad chest pains, so went to Ritalin/Concerta with just more issues and lack of benefit, and then finally went to Vyvanse where things gradually got somewhat better. Vyvanse made me feel quite cold all the time in the extremeties (talking of capsules and tried 30 mg, 50 mg, 60 mg, and 70 mg vyvanse and just felt freezing all the time. Had labs done and no thryoid issues or other electrolyte/lipid abnormalities except high cholesterol which I’ve had for a long time despite only being around 190 pounds. I’m always hypertensive, so that is a big concern with being on Dexedrine TABLETS 10-40 mg yeah, so I might have to keep searching.

I know my situation is rather complex/intricate so bear with me as there’s a lot to consider and remember to type. I’m 22 and almost a senior at Univ. of Iowa here and I see my psychiatrist every 1-2 months. I have been seeing him for 2+ years now, and we have a close friendship. What is so difficult is I’ve tried every SSRI there is approved in the U.S., so in total I’ve tried over 30 medicines and remembering all the doses and tablets versus capsules and what have you is sometimes hard for me to recall perfectly as it’s been over the course of 6 years I’ve been trying psychotropic medicines.

The “best combo” I’ve tried is Zoloft+Dexedrine but I had some luck with Vyvanse and Lexapro as well as Vyvanse and Celexa. To clarify all that, Zoloft I like best usually at 100 mg in two 50 mg doses in the day. Vyvanse I typically liked 50 mg as capsule, Lexapro I tried 5-20 mg all as tablets and found lots of sleep issues with sleep jerks and difficulty getting to sleep with diarrhea. Celexa tried 10 mg, 15 mg, and 20 mg and just a ton of dizziness there. Puked all the time with Prozac 10-20 mg and Paxil 10-20 mg as well even though with Paxil it was more nausea and just general malaise and stomach pains.

What else am I forgetting? Lol. I’ve noticed the OCD symptoms do seem somewhat better with stimulants yeah, but not so much that I would want to give up SSRI’s as a whole. Also have tried Effexor XR which was my fave SNRI, but had attrocius luck with fatigue with Pristiq and muscle twitches.

Just ask again if you have any more questions I’m just providing all my history at once and there’s way too much to consider all at once.