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Comorbidity is utter hell at times, I know from personal experiences. Treating OCD and ADHD is no different. It’s all just constant monitoring. You have to micromanage it all and treat the present conditions with what you feel helps. There’s never a medicine or combo of meds that will ever keep everything in check in all scenarios throughout life. Finding a balance even when that balance is inherently impossible to find is the only answer. Keep at it and just tinker with things with your doctor if you have to and find something you can manage and live with is all anyone can really do. Be vocal and tell your doctor about things and really communicate before trying supplements or you’ll turn out like me haha. I was always way too secretive doing things and then I just finally got committed to always telling my doctor before I ingested anything or applied anything to my body. Ask pharmacists about med questions, do active research (just don’t drive yourself mad here as it’s easy to go bonkers with research and concerns) and if all else fails, just take some steps back and try to give yourself time and space. Do not rush these things if you don’t have to, be patient with your body and mind and realize that while there is never a perfect harmony of medical treatment and mental well-being that if you don’t quit and do your very best at treatment and compliance with your doctor whilst leaving a clean life (diet, exercise, etc.) you will be the best off you can be. Communication is very important and it will go a long ways trust me!

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