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Hi, I’m not an expert but I have a few thoughts to share. My 9 year old daughter has had some of the issues that you described in your post: the tics, the sensitivity to clothing, the distractability. My daughter is also prone to getting really wound up and being unable to relax. She is also prone to having emotional outbursts. But, in my opinion, certain things can help a lot. I think your in the right track with the neurofeedback, but how is your son’s diet? I would avoid processed sugary foods as much as possible and emphasize fruits and vegetables and foods that are good for the guy like raw milk, fermented foods, bone broth, high quality yogurt and kefir, etc. if the idea of foods in relation to guy health is new to you, check out Nourishing Traditions and the GAPS diet. The other obvious thing that is critical to my daughters well being and behavior is enough good quality sleep. If your son has to be woken up in the morning then he’s not going to bed early enough at night. Exercise is another very important thing for anxiety and hyperactivity,. I know you said your son isn’t oyltwardky hyperactive, but I feel like the tics, and the anxiety could be helped in the same kind of way by exercise and movement, particularly movement out in nature. I would encourage spending as much time out in nature with him as you possibly can. Nature is calming. Also make sure to have a good balance of time out of the house with time in the house, and I would recommend a book called simplicity parenting which is about, among other things, the important of spending time at home and about creating an environment at home that is calming.

There’s one other type of therapy that you might want to look into called the Masgutova Method.

As I said at the beginning of this post, my daughter is 9 now, and while we still face certain personality challenges and many of the issues that I mentioned above, she is doing much better these days.

Please forgive the possibly multiple typos in this post as I am typing on my cellphone. Good luck!