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Well. Don’t get it. She contacts me in reference to her rental search. Not one mention of last week. Lasted all of few lines of text..

I am scared for her. She’s a grown woman, and I realize there is nothing I can say or do, but be supportive in her decisions. Regarding the rental, it was an excuse to not take the rental. I do agree with the decision. But I can see her playing on fears. I also see this job search applying for everything for any job impulsive in nature.

Again I know if she was to stick out her job here, within 6 months the opening she knows about will open. They want her stay. But again I’m stuck being supportive and not being involved, I don’t want her to not take a job. I am concerned what happened in her last job before this will occur again. She’s a great woman, hard working, dedicated, detail oriented, loving, kind, supportive, she also very beautiful woman. Sigh. Thick or thin, I’m her freind, a loving caring, dedicated freind. I will not be a rescuer. But I am here. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have gotten where I will be in May.

Sorry it was just an update..