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…you just described me. NO ONE would know my fears & shortcomings when they meet me. I’m well dressed, kind, selfless, & the less I know someone – the more I’m willing to have a chat if they start one.
The instant I start to get close to anyone, and the more they get to know me – the more I pull away.
I just know they’ll start thinking I’m a freak and start hating me as much as I do once they find out all my odd behaviours.

Reading here – it SEEMS as though we’re normal…but the big bad outside REAL world is just that- big, bad, and it’s real.
Online is safe because it’s manageable by ourselves & own wants & needs from it, it’s kind, accepting where you need it, and you can close the window/delete the email/unsubscribe to something if you’d rather “not answer that door” today.
The internet…online, life is FAR from real (I mean; look at people’s Instagram accounts – that is just a frikken highlight real of what they WANT you to think they’re like. They’d take like 300photos and use 2 filters and a few photo editing apps just to make that “best of 300 photo” look how they WANT you to see it/wish they really had.
It all a fantasy land. It’s all just a game that people play with themselves, thinking they’re “keeping up with <insert someone relevant here>”
It might as well be the sims or something lol.
I’m so sick of people portraying parts of their life with SUCH frills and sparkles and flawless skin, with dog ears and a licky tongue- & im SURE that there are more people who believe that all these people have these AMAZING & luxurious lives, who really do work out 6 days a week (when in reality they just wear active wear all day because they’re too lazy to wear anything else when they’ve got nothing on all day except for the grocery shopping. So they take a pic with a high messy pony tail and wet their face & hair line a bit after putting enough blush on to look puff out after their “spin class” (just take a sneaky pic of the gym on th way to the grocery store too, just to ensure legit-ness)
I’ve witnessed it all!

I’m rambling. Going to push send before I keep talking. I guess when you don’t talk to anyone in a while (easy to do when you’re a Nigel No-Friends) …things build up inside you and you spewwwww anything you can say as fast as you can say it πŸ˜‚ SORRYYYYYY ☺️
Have an amazing day you sweet one πŸ’•