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Hey girl don’t you worry ok – just by reading your response I drew the conclusion that you ABSOLUTELY love your family and of course – friends! You’re not a shitth friend (wish I could take my own advice when I say that, cause I feel the same way about myself lol) …but my REAL friends, who *care* – just know not to call me! If they do, it’s just to leave a voicemail cause they cbf typing lol (god i get sick of typing too…it can take me a good hour to type a (long) text to a friend, particularly when responding to a voicemail – do you know how much can be said in just 2minutes?? A whole freakin LOT! …seriously, some of my texts are so long that my iPhone shortens them and makes them like 7 lines, then you have to click on the box the text’ in – and it opens my novel sized message in a completely white screen (so there’s plenty of room) and the text is just all in that…from edge to edge of the phone, & you’ve still gotta scroll down several times to read it all.

I HATE TYPING, but I can’t even press the little microphone next to the space bar to just dictate to my phone doing voice-to-text, cause I’m too shy to even hear my own voice when telling the phone what to type! Even when I’m 100% alone I can’t do it 😩 I swear..ohh! I just can’t imagine the TJME it’d save.

Anyway. yeah. Good person. Good friend. Good friends (yeah real friends will comply…they’ll do whatever they have to to talk to you if they really want to 🙂 Promise 👍🏻

I probably COULD answer my parents phone calls, and they know my situation and have witnessed the phobia – but I don’t answer them. I always text mum back instantly…and SAY I’ll call her back later, but we usually end up in a tech convo for the next few hours and then lucky for me the phone call is not all that necessary anymore hehe 😁 Love her. And dad actually, cause they both send strictly short texts so it’s fun, quick back & forth & I love the short & sweet…(with them there def no long winded goss-sessions – which of course are long by necessity – I mean…HELLO?! – what’s a good story without details? I mean..I don’t even know, but what’s the point lol 🙄

I don’t know why this is so long and how it got so long – allbi wanted to do was tell you you’re def NOT alone, and you are faaaf from abnormal- you’re just the right amount of weird hehe 😜❤️ You sound kind, thoughtful, and your whole post was very endearing.
If you take anything away from this looooong thesis of ADHD first thing in the morning 101 chapter: “before your eyes have even unblurred” ….exhibit A <this post, while typing this last line I swallowed my adderall with the last couple of sips of my coffee ☕️🚬☕️☕️ 💊💊💊=☺️👌🏻😍😇🤓☮️☯️

I’m so sorry but this is too long to proofread… plus I’m not in the mood to do so 😂
I hope this is all makes, and that it’s just easy spelling errors and poor punctuation. If my structure is so poor that you don’t understand a certain part – just know that I was on your side, comforting you, and hoping to remind you how awesome you are (cause you sound like someone idnooce to have in my own close friend circle (just quietly to anyone reading this – I’m in a new city and I don’t have any friends yet 😕 The 3 friends that I’ve kept from my old city are 1-freshly married, 2, overseas & in places it’s impossible to find Internet cafes, and 3, just found her bf of 17yrs (had been together since we were 13 in school), and they had to kids together. The asshole said he’d rather leave my friend because the slag he was with let’s him takes drugs whereas my friend does now (SOMEHOW, he got hooked on speed (he’s a truck driver so that’s well entrained in their industry, so maybe he got offered some one day and he jus hasn’t been able to stop since…my friend tried EVERYTHING. She sacrificed sooo much to try and help him but he was a lost cause. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, that “slag” I mentioned…is currently 8months pregnant. We worked it out and it seems as though she got knocked up on the time my friend walked in 😕 Karma is a bitch lol!
So sad though. His and her family were entrained within each other. 6brothers, all with gfs, the parents and uncles are all pretty lose so there was always shenanigans going on or a BBQ etc – but they were all each other’s “social lives” …none of them had their own separate lives.
Ugh, i don’t get it.

They’re all bogans anyway so I cbf trying to work them out. I’m just sad for her loss and her two kids (one of them my god kid)’s DAD. He’s dicing with danger.

😂 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤦🏼‍♀️ why am I telling you this? I can’t stop talking. I must be so lonely and I don’t even let myself realise it sometimes….buT it just spews out of my thumbs sometimes ☺️😔

Ps bogan = red neck…maybe🤔
A bogan is the aussiest Aussie possible. A total parody of ourselves – but they are for real.