Reply To: Help! computer and ipad are destroying my kids


I have this same issue with my 11.5 year old daughter. She has ADHD, ODD, anxiety, and sensory processing disorder. The one thing about her though is she’s also an athlete! The problem is if she isn’t at school, practice (soccer during the spring, summer, and fall and basketball in the winter), or games/tournaments, playing on her iPad, iPhone, and computer is all she wants to do! When her attitude gets too much, we do ground her from anything internet, including locking her iPad, iPhone, and computer with a password that only hubby and I know! Although, if hubby and I have to leave and run errands and one of us forgets to lock our computer or iPad, she will sneak on to ours. This ends up into a HUGE argument once we see she’s been on our computers or iPads. Then she will lie about it which is another issue in and of itself!! We will take everything away from her and she will play Just Dance (what ever year) on the Wii U, which is at least exercise, but fresh air AND exercise is better. Some of her not wanting to go outside is me, but it’s not really something I have control over. I’m disabled due to a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or EDS. I live in pain, every second of every day. I do get out and practice soccer and basketball with her when my pain isn’t too bad and when my joints will stay put!! EDS often causes chronic joint dislocations/subluxations (partial dislocations) due to the body producing defective collagen which effects all soft tissues in the body (basically ANYTHING that isn’t bone)!! My dislocations and subluxations have been exasperated by the fact that I played sports from age 3 until 22 and had LOTS of injuries. I was not diagnosed until I was 35.