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I notice this in myself all the time! Textual communications, I compose and then simplify to make my messages concise, like you, so can’t offer suggestions there.

In Spoken communication however, I notice my flow of words sits at more of a constant rate than that of others. The speed at which others talk and the pauses they take between sentences, are drawn out in comparison if I were stating the same point.

I’ve attributed this to their simultaneously thinking and consideration of phrasing, I’m more of an automatic communicator and I assess phrasing etc. after the fact. Often wishing I’d been more concise.

It’s not easy to make a habit of, but I’m practicing slowing down, and giving consideration to each word as I go. It’s been helpful in improving my condensing of information before delivery, but also massively increased my consideration of other and feelings, and I find myself dropping sentences that might hurt feelings, when prior, I would have spoken and then reevaluated that decision.

It seems obvious, but the difference in speech is something I only recently noticed.. If you happen to be in my boat, try practicing extending your pause before replying, and extending your pause between sentences, allowing for consideration. It doesn’t come out sounding as dopey as I had thought it would, it’s actually really normal and slowing speech will also help the listener follow along.