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Hi Everyone,
I’m so hyper and get bored so easily that I stopped reading your comments (sorry)…I scan things when I’m reading because I want to get to the end. I was diagnosed at age 39 because I begged my doctor to diagnose my insane lifetime of procrastination, tardiness, clutter, non-stop thoughts, talking, etc. When someone is talking to me I’m thinking about what I’m going to say – it’s as if there’s someone inside me raising their hand for the teacher really excited to share. I absolutely hated when my husband used to say “your stories”. They aren’t stories. They are my feelings, thoughts, experiences. I notice everything around me and have to tell someone. I talk to people in line at the store. My parents do it, my brother does it, my grandparents did it and now my older son does it – even though he used to make fun of me! I always thought I just had an outgoing personality. I was confident and thought I was fun. Now I feel like a burden to people and try to keep my thoughts to myself. It is like trying to keep a tea kettle from whistling when the water is hot! Since I was at least 3 years old my mind races at night and I can’t sleep. When I close my eyes with the lights out I still see colors and lights and movement and I can’t stop thinking about my day. I feel like the only person in the world who is like this. My friends and family put up with me because it’s just who I am. There are two kinds of people. Those who like me. Those who don’t. None in between. I accepted that a long time ago. I keep my circle of friends small-keeps the stress down. I also have severe (but treated) anxiety. My ADHD/AdD is treated. I don’t use social media. I think it would make me crazy! ha ha – I love know you are all out there – especially you girls “my age” born in the 70s when boys were called “hyper” and we girls were called “daydreamers” – those were the days, am I right?! I knew I wasn’t daydreaming but no one believed me. I couldn’t explain why I didn’t “hear” they teacher’s instructions. I was polite and quiet back then and like school. Well, now I know – and I’m helping my two boys (ages 13 and 18) to understand who they are with anxiety and AdD and Selective Mutism AND fun personalities!!! I wish we all lived close so we could gab in person – but I supposed we’d talk over one another! I live in New England, USA!