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You are SO not alone! Cheer, dance, etc. etc. etc. It can be so overwhelming! Cheer hasn’t even started yet, the SIGN UPs start next month and already the GroupMe messages are pouring in, so much so that I had to hide and mute the group.

People have given great advice. When cheer season rolls around, checklists and calendars are my best friends. Also tackling one thing at a time. At the beginning of the season, organize what you will need and form your own check lists. Put those in plain sight. Then think ahead. How much pre-planning do you need for the upcoming event? Does the duffel bag need to be packed the night before? Or two days before? Or three Days before? I’ll even plan out how the day of the event needs to go, when we need to wake up – when we need to eat breakfast – etc. All this planning seems extreme, but it helps me stay calm, like OKAY, we got this.

For some sports we have multiple duffels. A practice duffel and a game day duffel. Since my kiddos are notorious about just throwing their gear wherever, when we get home the first item of business is for them to take off every piece of gear and for those pieces of gear to either be laundered and put in the duffel or for the gear to go immediately back into the duffel. Everything from the bow, to the shoes to the water bottle. The duffels don’t go into the kids bedrooms, but stay in a cubby area we have set up in the main room.

As far as communication – I’d ask for the head coach’s email address if you find it overwhelming to discuss the uniform or hair issues in the group. I always find the big group of Moms all trying to get in their two cents a very overwhelming and inefficient experience.