Reply To: Help! computer and ipad are destroying my kids


I looked into the programs or apps that would supposedly help the ADHD brain, but reviews were mixed, so I opted to not try them. What I have been doing for 10 or more years is have electronic free Sundays with good success, and with only limited success electronic free Tuesdays after school. No tv, no ipods for individual music, no computers, etc. We can listen to the radio or a playlist only if it’s a random list, not something they have to keep choosing. Then we are free to do anything –homework, crafts, chores, cleaning, board or card games, reading, etc. But at least it shuts down the fighting and opens up conversation. As for the rest of the week, if the kids are really abusing the device, I use three strikes and you are out. If they are refusing or dragging their feet on helping out, or toeing the line with websites, they lose the device for the day (or three). If they need it for homework, then they either get an F or they sit with me the whole time (not a fun way to spend their homework time but they earned it). It takes a lot of work on a parent’s part, but it is necessary.