Reply To: Help! computer and ipad are destroying my kids


I Have the same issue. This society is done unfortunately. ADHD son 14 years old and 11 years old daughter.
This is my plans (unfortunately did have time to put in practice yet)

1- Cut the electronic as much I can
Going to the roots with bike riding, beach time, park time – Screw the homework craziness (sorry responsible parents)

2- Cut the data from my Sprint ISP
That means they will depend on wifi to go online

3- Install a firewall on my home wireless
You can’t do this with cheap router, but with $100 you can have a router where you can block sites, like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video etc.
I do this at the office for the milleniums with “lack of control” on their online time. I know it look ridiculous, but I believe if you cut some time, it will get better. My son broke his phone while ago and after be without phone for while, he was much better person. Phone came back and the online hours start to increase little by little. Now we are back where we were…CRAZINESS ONLINE TIME. My next step is to get the router and setup some parameters here at the house.

4- Kids see Kids do
I think everybody heard that before. Be honest with yourself. Do you spend long hours on the phone or computer when you kids are around? What about the TV? TV is the same thing …just worse because you take what they shove in your mind (no search). I need (sorry!) I MUST cut my online hours too.