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This is a timely post, because just yesterday I was telling a friend I needed to go to summer school for parents, to get ready for everything I’ll need to do, now that my daughter is entering High School! The advice given has been great, I struggle as an older parent, not able to keep up with the technology i.e.. planning everything via social media with other parents. And everyone making lightning fast decisions, like setting up extra practices at the last second, causing major rescheduling decisions. And of course I get blamed if something falls through the cracks.

The best take-away from the other posts is to organize NOW as soon as you get the info., don’t take crazy notes, stick them somewhere on your calendar, and then “later” take nice notes organized in a binder. Also, get rid of (toss) everything that has passed unless its something you’ll need, like receipts.Too many times I’ve found 2 years worth of junk in a binder, now I toss right away, makes everything so much clearer and easy to find.

My daughters synchronized swim binder (a sport involving makeup, outfits, hair etc.) is divided into finance (dues/meet fees/etc.), meet schedules, fundraising, organization charts/rosters. At the beginning of each season I add all the main moms into my phone contact list and take pictures of the entire org chart, as I never know who I may need to contact.

I agree we need to put that responsibility on our ADD kids as much as possible (mine is 14) “but” too many times I have had to cough up money for lost items, make frantic car trips to get “must have” forgotten items at the last second etc. I know…’s a process…