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Thank you! I am doing the organization thing (it exhausts me as well). I have some clear totes and buy extra dance supplies at the beginning of the year.

I am already looking at Dream Duffles on ebay because my sanity is worth the cost.

The studio provides photos of the pieces we need and I print those off and make a binder for myself with all the info for the event- schedule, outfits,etc.

I have struggled on two fronts- the studio likes to use Facebook groups as primary communication which are insanely hard to follow and most of the mom’s prefer social media and didn’t want to give me cell info I have one mother’s info.

I need a checklist and info as others have suggested and the studio owner is very nice so I don’t see the suggestion as being unheard. A checklist and not photos would be incredible.

I also am struggling with issues of communication as my ADHD symptoms, if I don’t calm down, will manifest in just blurt things without thought. The stress of adjusting to this has been intense. Add to the fact that my daughter is African American and usually one of a handful of minority dancers at these competitions and the only black dancer on a team at her studio. It makes it hard to explain some of the special circumstances we have (tight color requests, costumes fitting differently because she has matured at a faster rate, hairstyle issues). We’re a multi-ethnic family- I’m white. She’s at the age where she’s embarrassed to note these differences and just wants to fit in and that causes stress with dance, and I have to bring it up.

I am struggling with figuring out if I am being too abrupt and demanding by noting my daughter’s needs and my own. Before we joined this studio I was upfront about the fact we could not pay for expensive hair extensions for every competition and there isn’t anywhere within an hour of where we live that does her hair. I have to put the extensions in which is an all-day project and just adds to the chaos.

The advice on packing, management etc. is so helpful. I just second guess my communication with the parents and teachers. I do let her make mistakes and do as much on her own as I can but the organization required for this is beyond what any 13 year old could no on their own.