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Hi there, I totally get where your coming from, I have a 6 year old girl and an almost 4 yearold boy. I am in the process of having my kids assessed for ADHD and I can’t go anywhere without a totally inn appropriate outburst! I mean these outbursts particularly 3 year old are just too much to bear at times. People stare, he swears constantly, throws himself around and just keeps.going that’s when we go downtown to pay bills. I feel like I’m.completely trapped at home by his behaviour. I am feeling isolated and also believe my family don’t want me to visit because of my child’s outbursts honestly it could.all be in my head but this is the feeling I’m getting from them. At home he and his 6 year old sister have broken or got into my things and now I have virtually nothing left like jewelry, ornaments or furniture even. When he has an angry outburst he will kick, bite, punch, knock chairs over and throw things. I’m worried he is.going to.seriously hurt the other children by accident (also have a 14yr old girl). When I put him in his room he kicks the back of the door constantly screaming and will disassemble his bed. He is extremely smart and loving when not chucking tanyrems. I must point out that hewill also get along well with his sisters and he is loving towards me most of the time. He has normal age appropriate behaviors also. I have no.idea what at this poipoint. I’m sick of the suggestion from people that its a lack of discipline when I know its so much more. I discipline him appropriately but he will just keep going. Your not alone its their behaviour you dislike not your child.