Reply To: Help! computer and ipad are destroying my kids


We have a similar problem with screen time and homework. My solution was two fold but first a little background. Our school district does not issue computers, chromebooks or iPads to the students. They may take chromebooks home however. Our grandchildren access Google Classroom for assignments from home via their school’s account on our Chromebooks. If your school district allows the use of personal devices to log into the school’s network remotely from home, then that may be an option. Also, through using Family Link (a Google app) you can control access. It is free to use. I use Norton’s product to monitor screen time and activity and it works well. Sites like youtube, facebook, pinterest, instagram and so on can be selectively blocked. Screen time can be controlled also as well as sites allowed. You may have a router, Netgear as an example, that will allow selective blocking and parental control management. Using OpenDNS is free also but is a little more tech oriented but it works too. A bypass account would be needed so mom and dad aren’t blocked from otherwise child blocked sites. Additionally, I learned that it is possible to cast the screen from a Chromebook to a TV equipped with a Chromecast device. Therefore, with that combination the screen from the child’s device can be seen on the big family TV.

The research is incontrovertible. Screen time excesses will impact grades, reading ability, the ability to make decisions and so on. When I learned that companies like facebook employ “attention engineers” that did it for me. The programs and games are like slot machines and with little reward.

Keep your kids to a minimum time on the screen. You might want to view this: